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Each year thousands of English and international schools around the world organize spelling contests, commonly known as spelling bees.

Students work tirelessly to achieve good results in their spelling bee competitions. They practice and practice, but many times they are disappointed in their results.

Why? The main reason is because students lack the proper training tools.

We all know that practice makes perfect. But if students are not practicing the right spelling bee word list in the right ways, all that practice may not yield good results.

It’s a little like practicing the game of football, for hours and hours a week, without a ball!

It makes a lot of sense: To become a great football player, for instance, talent is not enough. You need good practice habits, and you really need….a ball!

Spelling Bee Ninja is "the ball" for spelling bee players. A real spelling bee training software that brings real spelling bee help, it has been designed with the precise intent of training students to master spelling bee words so they can be serious competitors.

Unlike other websites that offer kids spelling games and web-based simple spelling quizzes, the Spelling Bee Ninja software has been designed using deliberate, intentional methods that lead to dramatic spelling improvement.

Equip your students with the powerful tools inside the Spelling Bee Ninja, and watch them score in their next spelling competition!


Find out why Spelling Bee Ninja is an essential tool

Spelling Tests

Spelling Bee Ninja training sessions include comprehensive spelling tests tailored to each student in his/her profile.
The software is able to clearly pronounce any word and keep track of the student's answers.
As in real world spelling bee competitions, the student has the option to ask for the word to be repeated or for the word’s definition.
Test difficulty can be fine-tuned by many options.
Words used by the tests can come either from the Official Spelling Ninja Dictionary or from any of the user defined custom dictionaries.
In the first case, the test will be considered as "Official" and the score obtained by the student could rank in the world rankings or achieve an official Spelling Bee Ninja Certificate.

Results Analysis

At the end of each test a result report card will be presented, highlighting the misspelled words and giving the possibility to add them in the "Study List".
Also it will be possible to re-listen to all the words used during the test and examine the related definition using the "Interactive English Dictionary".
The report card will present, among other things, the correct answers, the percentage and the student's statistics.
Test score will be registered in the local chart (if among the Top 100), for future reference.
If the test was Official (ie from an Official Dictionary), the score will be published among the Spelling Bee Ninja World rankings, and depending on the scoring system could lead to achieve an official "Spelling Bee Ninja Certificate".

Built in Official Spelling Bee dictionary

The Official Dictionary bundled with the software contains thousands of spelling words. classified by Grade and difficulty.
Levels go from 1st grade words up to adult-level words for spelling gurus.
This means that the software will be able to serve spelling tests containing the most appropriate word lists for a given student. The Spelling Ninja Official Dictionary is updated by the built in auto update function. Moreover Spelling Bee Ninja can spell and define every single word of the modern English dictionary, which includes more than 180.000 words.

Unlimited custom dictionary with import

In addition to the Official Dictionary you will be able o create an unlimited number of custom dictionaries to be used during training and study sessions.
The import feature canturn any arbitrary text snippet into a spelling dictionary.
Just copy and paste the text containing your words into the import box.
The system will parse the input text, taking care of malformed words and special characters, and in a snap your new custom dictionary will be ready for use!

World rankings and certificates

The scores achieved when training on Official Tests will be published online among the world rankings.
This can give the student an idea of the skill level of other players from all over the world, and it can show him how far it is to the top.
When students reach a certain score threshold (depending on the score standard), the software will produce beautiful, customized Certificates of Achievement to motivate and reward students for their efforts.
Each certificate -- reporting the score, the student's details, the date and the scoring standard -- will be stored ready to be exported and printed whenever you choose.


Spelling Bee Ninja in action. Click on each image to zoom in

First Class Service

Lifetime Automatic Updates

Every Spelling Ninja License comes with a lifetime Automatic updates .
That means that you won't have to pay to get software updates.
When new dictionaries and features are release, they will be silently installed by the application and made available to you at next startup... for a lifetime.


A knowledge base help and ticket based support system are provided to each licensed user.
There is no recurring fee to access support. you get lifetime support as soon as you purchase the license.

Education is the best investment

Investing in education is the best gift you can give to your students and kids.
It's longer lasting than the most expensive toy or latest trendy electronic gadget.
This software represents a highly-valuable investment in education.
It will effectively improve your kids’ spelling skills in a quick and entertaining way.


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