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Download Spelling Bee Ninja

Click the button below to download Spelling Bee software for windows:

Spelling Bee Software Download

Once the file is downloaded, double click on it and the install wizard will appear:

Spelling Bee Ninja Install wizard

Important Note about  Smart Screen:

In case Microsoft Smart Screen prevents execution from an Unknown Publisher presenting something like this:

smartscreen 1 - Download Spelling Bee Ninja

  1. Click on More Info
  2. Click Run anyway

Also you could get a prompt from microsoft UAC that will look something like:

sbn uac - Download Spelling Bee Ninja

Just click “Yes”

Of course SBN is a completely safe program.

This warning could appear because we deliberately chose to not buy a code signing certificate for our installer and we invite other publishers to do the same until the prices will be lowered to decent amounts.
In our opinion it is unacceptable to pay  700 usd a year for  a mere sequence of bytes in a world where unlimited hosting plan can be bought  for as low as 3 dollars a month and web ssl certificates for 15 a year. So we  just refused to conform to this, plain and simple.
Please be sure to download the installation file from this server ( domain).
If downloading from other websites you can check the integrity of the downloaded file by the following parameters:
File NameSpellingBeeNinja1.1.6Setup.exe
File size = 41389979 bytes
MD5 = 14272b931908a82d6672a449eedd8dc1

Spelling Bee Ninja

first execution - Download Spelling Bee Ninja

After the install is complete please follow the instruction at  to get started with your spelling bee training.

After download and install, just execute the program, eventually create a user account at first execution .
Creating a user account is immediate and 100% free  (just specify a user name, a password and your email address), Although not required,  it is strongly suggested to better experience Spelling Bee Ninja., registered user, in fact can

  1. Register their progresses on a server side Spelling Bee Ninja profile
  2. Access to special features provided by Mai search engine.
  3. Have their scores included in the top world spellers.
  4. Use their account data from different devices.
  5. Use the same account for future spelling bee related services and applications (Mobile app, Mai, Web App etc.)

For any doubt, question or feedback don’t hesitate to contact us by opening a support ticket here.