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Free software for schools

Free Software for school labs Spelling Bee Ninja Software

Spelling Bee Ninja software is an effective tool that can dramatically improve a student’s spelling skills very quickly.

free software for school labs - Free software for schools

If you don’t know about it just download a copy of the free version and test it by yourself

Free Selling Bee Software for schools

If you represent a School and are interested to install Spelling Bee Ninja in your computer lab then you are eligible to claim multiple FREE Pro licenses.

Why we do this?

  1. First because we firmly believe in education and we are proud to to contribute to the education of children from all over the world
  2. Second because we need a lot of feedback from dedicated users to keep improving our product, a direct connection with schools is the best way to get it.
  3. Third we need more and more users to use our software, that is why we ask you to help us by putting a link to our website in your school website (no matter what page).

To claim your licensees please open a support ticket using the button below

In the Ticket category specify: Request Free Licenses for School

in the message body please specify

  1. The name and type of your School
  2. How many licenses do you need for your labs
  3. How many students are going to use the software


Support Ticket


You will get the activation codes for free for your students without any sort of limitations.

The only thing we ask to you and your students is to provide us feedback to improve our products and services, also we could include your school name in some web pages listing the institutions using Spelling Bee Ninja.
Also, please note that the licenses are intended to be installed in the School lab’s computers,not to be used on private machines.