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Spelling Words List, create and share using Mai

Spelling Words List with Mai

Mai, our new Spelling Bee Search Engine is now able to handle users personal spelling words list, ready to be used in training sessions and shared with friends, students and school mates.

This tutorial explains how to create your own spelling list, click here to open Mai in a new window and follow the instructions below.

To create your Spelling Words List

To add a word to your spelling list use the button “Add to my list” shown near every word in the results list, or in the word page.

add word to spelling word list


After clicking “Add to my list” a string confirming that the word has been added should appear close to the button itself.

If the word is already present in My List, a button, “Remove from My List” will be shown instead.

In this way you  can add to your spelling list every word displayed by Mai. Let’s say for instance you want to add to your list spelling words for 3rd graders starting with he letter h. You can query Mai as follows:

grade:3 h

spelling words list creator

Then add the words you are interested to your personal spelling bee words list.

Spelling Words List for 3rd Grade

When you are finished collecting your words go to your list page using My List link from the top menu:

My Spelling List

The collected words will be presented with the  classic Mai list layout:

Spelling Words List

At this point your list is ready to be copied, printed and imported.

You can also use it within spelling training softwares like Spelling Bee Ninja

To copy the contents of your Spelling Words List in your computer’s clipboard you can use the “Copy List to clipboard” button at the bottom of the page.

copy spelling words

You are now ready to share your list using the social buttons at the bottom of the page.

To use “My List” feature  you do not need to register or login to the website, the service is free for everyone.


To import your list into Spelling Ninja and use it for spelling tests proceed as follows:

  1. From My list page use Copy List to Clipboard”
  2. Launch Spelling Bee Ninja software
  3. Go to Improve / Study List” and click the Import Words” button Spelling Study List
  4. Once the import Dialog appears click the button “Paste from Clipboard” and then “Import Words” Create Spelling words list
  5. Your Spelling List will be imported into your spelling bee ninja study list.Spelling List


To use the imported study list for a spelling test:

  1. Go to “Settings/Test options” and tick the “Use Study List” check box, in this way the words used by the Spelling Bee test will be taken from the study list.
  2. Click “Save” to save the options
  3. Go to “Start” and click “Take Test” button

spelling bee test settings


Spelling Bee Ninja is the first and only Spelling Bee Training software, download it for free here


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