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How Spelling Score is calculated

This article describes the standard scoring system actually used by the “Spelling Bee Ninja” training software.

Once each spelling test is finished a score will be assigned to the Student.

This Spelling score is used to determine the position in the Spelling Bee Ninja World Ranking and  to emit the official Certificates of Achievement, that can be printed and used as a proof of the student’s spelling abilities.

Official Spelling Scores and Non Official Spelling Score

First of all it is necessary to specify when a score is official and when not, let’s say that a score is official  if only if it is a result from an a test taken using an Official Dictionary that managed to retrieve a spelling list corresponding to the test options.

This means that:

Tests taken with non official dictionaries cannot produce official scores

This is due to the fact that Non Official dictionaries can contains arbitrary words imported by the user and also because the users dictionary doesn’t contain difficulty information for each spelling word.

and that:

Spelling Tests taken with official dictionaries usually leads to  official scores but in case the software could not have retrieved a words list corresponding to the options. The score won’t be considered official (for example if the student is a fifth grader and the dictionary only contains second grade level words).

During the spelling test session an accolade icon will indicate whether the test going on has to be considered official or not (the same icon will be used to tag all the official resources like dictionaries, scores, certificates etc).

accoladebw30 - How Spelling Score is calculated Unofficial item

accolade30 - How Spelling Score is calculated Official item

During a spelling bee training session, for instance the Official indicator will be shown close to the difficulty level. That symbol means that the test is using an official dictionary and that it managed to find all the words corresponding to the test options.

Spelling Score

The same icon in the result test screen reported in the image below indicates that the test was official.

Spelling Score -Spelling BEE

This means that this score will be listed in the Spelling World rankings Charts and that is valid for a certificate emission (if high enough).


The SNJFIX1 scoring system

Said that only Official scores can lead to publishing and awards. Let’s analyze more in depth the scoring system actually in use with that Spelling Bee training software.

The name of the scoring standard is “SNJFIX1” (Achronym for Spelling Bee Ninja Fixed Version 1).  It is a fixed scoring system. This means that, as it happens for school grades,  there is a maximum score that cannot be exceeded.

The maximum score achievable with SNJFIX1 is 1100 (One thousand one hundred).

The scoring 

  1. Execution time (in terms of speed) is not considered by the system, no matter it the spelling training session will take 10 minutes or one hour for the student to complete, this is because stress is not a good friend when learning.
  2. There is a penalty for misspelled words and skipped words.
  3. A skipped word is not considered as misspelled but skipping words will limit bonus points (this to encourage the student to try hard to understand and also because a misspelled word is easier to remember than a skipped one).
  4.  To achieve better scores the students are encouraged to push the limits (and learn more).

Score partitioning

Of the maximum of 1200 points achievable 800 are determined by the percentage of correct words (or correctness factor), So this means that spelling correctly all the words proposed by the test will earn 800 points.

The remaining 300 points are divided in two sub sections: execution factor (max 180 points) and courage factor (max 120).

The execution factor assign more points when the spelling session has been  completed in the cleanest possible way using the least possible aids (definition, repeat etc.)

The courage factor gives more point as the spelling test options are set to higher difficulty (No definitions, no repeat, longer spelling words list, Harder difficulty).

Both of this factor offers a further bonus when the limit is reached (maximum execution factor reached and maximum courage factor reached).

Please note that an higher courage factor increases the risks of committing errors during the test, losing the points eventually brought by the correctness factor and the execution factor.

As a Result each misspelled words will cause a penalty of 33 points.

here follows the pseudo code algorithm used by SNJFIX1 ,

note: in the following notation += means incrementing the variable by the value that follows example x+=3 means x = x+ 3.

correctnessFactor = corectPercentage * 8; //max800

executionFactor= 0; //Max 180
if(noWrongAnswers == 0 noSkippedWords == 0)executionFactor+= 40;
if(neverAskedRepeat )executionFactor+= 40;
if(neverAskedDefinition )executionFactor+= 40;

if(executionFactor== 120)executionFactor+=60;

courageFactor= 0; //Max 120
if difficultyStandard:courageFactor+=10;
if difficultyHard:courageFactor+=20;
if difficultyHarder:courageFactor+=30;

if unlimitedRepeats:courageFactor+=0;
if repeatMax3:courageFactor+=10;
if repeatMax2:courageFactor+=20;
if repeatMax1:courageFactor+=25;
if noRepeat:courageFactor+=30;

if 10Words:courageFactor+=10;
if 15Words:courageFactor+=20;
if 20Words:courageFactor+=30;

//perfect bonus

if(courageFactor== 90)courageFactor+=30;

wrongFactor = 33 * wrongAnswers;

finalScore = correctnessFactor +executionFactor+courageFactor-wrongFactor


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