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Spelling Bee Interactive English Dictionary

This article describes got to use the Interactive English Dictionary of the Spelling Bee Ninja software:

Spelling Bee Ninja comes bundled with an interactive dictionary. To access to it, once launched the program, just click the button “Improve” from the main program toolbar. Then choose “English Dictionary” from the left menu.

Spelling Bee Interactive English Dictionary


The English Dictionary provided by Spelling Bee Ninja is able to define and Spell virtually every modern English word, to search a word just type part of it in the Search box and then press enter or the Search button.

The words list will present all the words containing the string in the search box for a maximum of 500.

Scroll the the word you are looking for and click on it. The definition will appear in the box on the right side.

Once the word definition is shown you can use the Spell word button to have the Teacher pronounce the word so you can memorize it along with the spelling.

To add the spelling word to the study list press the ++Study List button.


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