Month: July 2017

Contest rules are now available for the US Scripps Spelling Bee

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Every year, spelling enthusiasts converge on Washington DC to participate in and watch the National Scripps Spelling Bee. This year’s competition will air live, and will take place on May 31 and June 1.   Scripps has just released the contest rules for this year’s competition. These can be viewed at downloaded at   According to Scripps, here are the 3 most buzzworthy changes from last year’s rules:   The spelling portion of the Preliminaries Test will be handwritten. For the spelling portion of the Preliminaries Test, spellers will handwrite their spellings on Bee-formatted test forms, which will be hand-graded. This format was most recently implemented in the 2011 Bee, and was also used in several Bees in the early 2000s. Fo