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How to spell in English  Tutorial

How to spell in English Tutorial

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In this tutorial we will introduce some essentials rules and techniques to learn how to spell. Spelling words or terms of the English language has always been a complicated matter for individuals trying to learn English language. While the English language vocabulary continues to grow every day, the origin of English words includes almost all language in existence some of which are no longer regularly spoken! Most identical sounds are spelled differently as different words and out of 90 basic English spelling patterns 84 spelling patterns have exceptions. It's no surprise that spelling bee can be a competitive event and learn how to spell it's a serious challenge of the modern student. Spelling events have been in existence for more than a decade. Nevertheless, there has been a dramatic ...
Spelling Bee History and fact sheet

Spelling Bee History and fact sheet

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Spelling Bee History A spelling bee is an event in which participants are asked to spell an extensive selection of words, usually with varying degrees of complications. In this article we propose a quick spelling bee history. The idea is thought to emanate in the United States, and spelling bee competitions, along with other versions, are now held around the world in several countries. The very first individual to ever win an official National Spelling Bee also known as The Scripps National spelling Bee was Frank Neuhauser in 1925, Washington D.C at age eleven. The History of the word ‘Bee’ in Spelling Bee The term ‘ as used in the phrase “spelling bee”, is one of those puzzles in language that has never been accounted for satisfactorily. Most early students of language and those w