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Spelling List High school – Difficult words to spell are here

This Spelling List High School is reserved to high school students of every grade and to adults as well.

Hey ya! Welcome to high school, things are getting serious.
First of all congratulation for you graduation, we hope you had great time to have fun and relax during the summer break.

Magic Spelling List High School

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In high school you will gradually be introduced to complex readings written for a more mature audience compared to the ones you used to read when in junior high.

You are about to discover a new class of novels and books that will help you turning from a kid to a young man.

These new readings will help you a lot improving your critical thinking skills, it will take some time and many books: at the beginning you will have a natural tendency to follow and conform to the point of view proposed by the authors, but the more you will read, the more you will mature, the more you will start thinking with your own head, comparing your point of views and opinions with the ones proposed by the book.

Some books will present to you things you thought you already know under a new light, you will discover that point of view is a very important factor when evaluating things and people.
Sometimes you will struggle with difficult words, especially when reading books from the past centuries of from specific subjects like science or philosophy.

As always be sure to write down and memorize all the new words to enrich your vocabulary.

Maybe you already know all the rules for perfect spelling but just to refresh your memory have a look to our spelling bee tutorial here .

If you want to challenge yourself have a look the the magic Spelling Lists Very Difficult words .

Write us about your progresses and just in case you need help using this page

Best of luck !!!

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