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Spelling Bee Ninja Questions and Answers

What is Spelling Bee Ninja?
Spelling Bee Ninja (SBN for short) is a software that can improve your spelling capabilities very quickly. It has been designed as a trainer for Spelling bee competitions.

spelling bee questions and answers - Spelling Bee Ninja Questions and Answers

Is Spelling Bee Ninja free to use?
Yes, you can start using it now here:
Also, there are some advanced features that comes at a small price; for version, a comparison check this page.

Can SBN increase my spelling capabilities? Really?
Yes. Spelling Bee Ninja has a wide dictionary of spelling bee words classified by difficulty and other parameters, the software has talking capabilities and trains students with tailored spelling bee tests, keeping tracks of misspelled words and providing tools to improve, such as a study list and an interactive dictionary, also it is integrated with our spelling bee search engine. For further information please refer to this page.

What is an SBN Achievement certificate?
It is a certification that a student performed well in an official SBN spelling test. It comes in the form of hi-res personalized image and it is accessible from within SBN  test report cart.

How does SBN calculate the score on a spelling test?
The actual SBN scoring system and the related rules are described here:

I did a great score on my spelling test but I didn’t get a certificate. Why?
Because SBN releases a certificate only when using the official SBN dictionary called “1 Spelling Bee Ninja“, Spelling tests taken using Custom lists or Error lists don’t lead to earn certificates.

Where can I find documentation on how to use SBN?
Here http://www.spellingbee.ninja/support/

What is Mai?
Mai is a web application designed to create spelling bee words list ready to be printed and used or imported into Spelling Bee Ninja. For every single English word, Mai is able to provide spelling bee-related information.

Can I use Mai for free?
Yes, 100% free. you can use Mai at the address: mai.spellingbee.ninja

Are Mai and SBN related?
Yes, Mai statistical data is partially fed by Spelling Bee Ninja users statistics, also the global dictionary is shared and Mai is used by Spelling Bee Ninja to generate spelling words list to be used in the spelling bee simulations. Starting from 1.6 versions Spelling Bee Ninja is labeled as “Powered by Mai”.

How can I generate a new Spelling words list with mai?
There are many options, for example, if you want to get a list suitable for grade 3 students just type into the search box:


To get the full options list refer to the Mai syntax page at http://mai.spellingbee.ninja/syntax

Can I see some examples of the spelling words lists generated by Mai?
Yes, this website contains many lists generated by Mai, check this page to get some examples:

Can I create and share my personal spelling words list using Mai?
Yes and it is very easy as well check it out how here http://www.spellingbee.ninja/spelling-words-list-using-mai/

Who are you?
We are the SpecialOne Studio: independent coders, free thinkers, people of good will.

Why do you put advertising on your website?
Because most users still prefer to be profiled, targeted, chased by sticky ads, bombed with advertising, brainwashed, have their personal private data stolen, stored and traded by big companies rather than pay a cup of coffee to authors for good software and services.

What can I do about that?
Get aware of the meaning of the sentence “If You’re not paying, you’re the product” and be informed about what you think is free: www.eff.org. Or just get blue candies, Neo 🙂

How can I get in touch with you?
Open a support ticket at this address and we’ll be back to you in a snap.

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