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Spelling Bee Ninja Reference Guide

Spelling Bee Ninja reference guide

spellingbeeninjalogo - Spelling Bee Ninja Reference Guide

Explore words and create Spelling Lists
Search your spelling words by browsing lists or using the Search engine, add the words of your interests to “My Words”.
“My Words” is a temporary area to collect words that you plan to save as a new list: from “My Words” you can save the current selection to a new list or add it to an existing one.
Your Lists can be used to take spelling tests or assigned to your students (both local and invited).
Each word is linked to a word card containing spelling bee realted insights, such as difficulty level, percentage of mispelling and correlation between students’ language/nationality and error ratio.
Click the speaker icon to listen to the spelling and pronunciation of each word.
Search functionn is provided by Mai Spelling Bee Search Engine, check the syntax here.

List visibility
A spelling list can be public, reserved to your students or private.
A public list will be made publicly available and visible to every user and visitor of the system.
Reserved lists will be available to you and to your students, private lists will be only visible from your account.

Spelling Tests
To take spelling tests it is necessary to create one or more students.
If you already have created a student, Click “Spelling Bee”, Spelling Bee Ninja will start, you will be able to select which student use for the test and which spelling list.

Create students.
To add a new student to your account go to “My Students” in your account Menu and click “Add student”. To create a student it is necessary to be logged in. If you don’t have an account yet, please Sign Up here.
Depending on your profile you can add local students or invited students or both. Local students can use the system directly through your account. Invited students are students with their own account.
Use Invited students if you are a teacher (Tutor) and want to coordinate and control your class activities, providing each student with a separate account.
Invited student will have to sign up with a separate account, indicating their invitation code (or using the special link you will be able to send them via email), as the invited student will join, you will be notified and you will be able to assign spelling lists and tests, check test results and errors. Invited students can create their own lists, but cannot edit their data.
A tutor can create custom Spelling lists that will be made available to invited students for spelling tests, moreover, a tutor can access to students’ error lists and detailed test results.
Monitor results and progress.
Spelling Results will be stored for each user and will be accessible from the Student Card by pressing the “Report Cards” button.
Each student will have a special list called “Error List” accessible from the student profile card, that will be automatically filled with the mispelled words.

Official Tests.
Official Tests are Spelling Bee Tests taken using the official spelling bee dictionary.
To take an official Spelling Test please Choose “Official SBN Dictionary” in Test Settings. Official Tests leads to official scores.

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