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Spelling Bee Ninja web app

Spelling Bee Ninja Web

We are working hard to integrate Spelling bee ninja and Mai into a single Web Application.
We are porting SBN to web application architecture.
The new SBN is versioned 2.0 Web  and  is completely integrated with the Mai search engine.
Check the status of the transition at the official Mai address:


Teacher accounts

The new system offers many cool features,  now a teacher can add to the account multiple students, assign custom spelling lists, check spelling tests results and control error lists and study lists.

Integrated statistics and custom spelling lists

Spelling tests and spelling bee statistic are now integrated into a single web application without the need of downloading any software locally, the new system is also accessible via mobile phones and tablets.
Every user can now create, edit and share multiple, editable spelling lists and use them within Spelling Bee Ninja.

Check out a couple of screen shots from the development version.


spelling bee ninja web - Spelling Bee Ninja web app


spelling bee ninja web2 - Spelling Bee Ninja web app

The complete system will be up and running by march 2018.



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