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Spelling Bee Rankings

In this page, you can find tables and charts containing the Spelling Bee rankings with the best scores achieved by Spelling Bee Ninja users.

spelling bee rankings

Rankings are grouped by difficulty level, Level one to eight correspond to the respective school grade, level nine is reserved for high school students and adults containing very difficult words.

To have an idea of how hard are very difficult words you can generate a dynamic spelling words list with Mai clicking here or entering grade:10 in the search box.

World top 20 spellers.

Here follow the highest 20 scores achieved by Spelling bee ninja users, this ranking includes scores by users of any grade and levels ranging from grade 1 Easy to level 9 hard with no assists (repeats and definitions).
Click on the table row of your interested to open the related spelling score report in another tab.

World  Spelling bee Rankings by grade.

The following tables contain links to rankings divided by user level, click a link to open the corresponding ranking in another browser tab.

 Grade 1
 Grade 2
 Grade 3
 Grade 4
 Grade 5
 Grade 6
 Grade 7
 Grade 8
 High School / Adults

Scores are calculated using the SNJFIX1 scoring system, described thoroughly in the article How spelling score is calculated, available in the documentation.
Factors that contribute to determining the final score are:

  • Percentage of correct answers.
  • Difficulty level set in the Test options (Standard – Hard – Harder).
  • The total number of words to spell.
  • How many times the repeated word has been requested.
  • How many times the word definition has been requested.

The maximum score achievable with this scoring system is 1100, no matter the difficulty level or student’s grade. Students who achieve a score of 1000 and over earn the right to an official Spelling Bee Ninja Certificate, check the image below to have an idea of how it looks like:

Spelling Bee Prize
Official Certificate

Certificates are accessible (for now) from within the Spelling Bee Ninja application and can export as hi-resolution images.

Although registered, whole test time is not considered when calculating the score, as in spelling bee competitions, usually there is no hurry to give an answer and reasoning is much more important than speed to master spelling bee.

Scores achieved with unofficial dictionaries won’t be listed among the official rankings, the same for scores achieved using custom words lists and study list.

If you just arrive here and you want to try to beat these scores just download Spelling Bee Ninja and give it a try.

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