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About Us – Spelling bee resources

Top notch spelling bee resources for everyone

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive spelling bee resources kit to all the students willing improve spelling skills and, why not, master and win spelling bee competitions.

We also welcome teachers and schools to participate and use our tools for their lessons.

We take our mission very seriously and we are developing advanced tools to aid students in succeeding in this challenge, in particular, we are offering:

Spelling Bee Ninja software

SBN in short, this is our main product, a software application that can train students while studying for the spelling bee, SBN contains every single English word and is aware of the level of difficulty of each one.

SBN can speak perfect natural English,  delivering to students realistic spelling bee test simulations.

Spelling Bee Teacher Miss Pedalin

It can provide custom study list and keep track of errors, also it can release certificates of achievements.

Get more information about SBN and download it here


Mai: the spelling Bee search engine

Mai is the first Spelling Bee Search Engine, it collects data related to spelling bee words,  like word difficulty, the frequency of usage, misspell rate based on students nationality, age and so on.

In this way, Mai is able to provide Spelling Bee analytics for every single word and use this data to generate custom spelling words list.

Mai’s knowledge base is fed by the data provided by Spelling Bee Ninja users and other systems.

spelling words list creator

The final aim of Mai is to provide the most reliable and powerful intelligence tool related to the spelling bee, available to the students of good will from all over the world.

Everybody can use Mai freely to generate custom spelling lists at this address:



Our blog / Spelling Bee Magazine

Represented by this website, it collects articles, words list, tips, tricks and free resources to help a student to improve their spelling capabilities.

Spelling Bee Blog

We are constantly looking for cooperation with students, school, and educational institutes.

If you want to write some guest post, introducing yourself school, service or your study techniques, drop us a line to become a co-author.


We firmly believe in education for everyone that is why we offer our resources publicly and for free and we also donate the pro version of our products to school labs.


We are the SpecialOne Studio, an independent software studio in SF California, passionate developers of software systems.  Our apps are used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.


Spelcial One Studio

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