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Welcome to The Spelling Bee Resources Website

Spelling Bee Resources Website

The Spelling Bee Resources Website.

This website is completely dedicated to Spelling Bee, we come in peace providing tools, tutorials, news and spelling word list for free to students of good will.Our mission is to provide the biggest and most comprehensive collection of tools and knowledge to help students in training and winning spelling bee competition. We don’t make any difference between material produced by us or by third parties because our main goal is to provide you something really useful you won’t find anywhere else.
Nevertheless, as we firmly believe education should be accessible to everyone and considering that our user base is mainly composed of students and (often underpaid) teachers, we are not going to promote expensive systems.
That is a good thing both for you that will find here a unique, unbiased, ever-growing resources collection and for us, that is aiming to become the definitive one-stop place for Spelling Bee.
The website articles and resources are organized by categories, in particular:

Spelling Bee Resources

Tools and resources that can help your training for spelling bee: software, websites, applications, offline resources and so on.

This is the right section if you are looking for our professional trainer:
SBN: a serious spelling bee trainer designed to boost spelling skills very quickly
Mai: a spelling bee search engine

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Spelling Bee Tutorials

Find here how to study spelling, how to maximize your efficiency. Tips, tricks, video lessons and more.

Here we will keep on collecting and classifying all the most interesting resources and online tutorial, we will find on the Internet.

You are welcome to suggest any resource you think could/should be included on our website.

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Spelling Word Lists

Spelling words lists are here, plenty. Divided by difficulty, grade and so on.

Many of our spelling bee lists, especially the so-called “Magic lists” are powered by Mai.

Mai is our project for a Spelling Bee Search Engine.

If you have no idea about what a Search Engine is, don’t worry, it’s normal, given that Mai is one of its kind, read more about the project here or in a paragraph below.

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Spelling Bee World

This section is the news magazine part of the website, you will find here fresh articles related to Spelling Bee World: news, interviews, facts, tips from champions, and so on.

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Spelling Reading, Stories, Books

Most important, we are convinced that reading is one of the most important activity for everyone, not only students. So many people just stop reading after finishing the study cycle.

It is by reading books that our mind opens up and our critical thinking develops, making us more evolved both as individuals and as mankind representatives.

At SBN we love books and reading in general, that is why we are dedicating a section of the websites to reading, this section will contain books reviews, spelling bee stories and more.

Click here for the Reading Section

Our  Spelling Bee products

This website is also the home base of the fabulous Spelling Bee Ninja and the amazing Mai Search Engine.

Spelling Bee Ninja

It is the first attempt to deliver a professional spelling bee training system, it is not just a simple game or quiz based app, but it has been carefully designed to deliver significant improvements in Spelling Sills very quickly to students of every grade.
It is a training software that delivers real spelling bee help and has been designed with the precise intent of training students to master spelling bee words so they can be serious competitors.
SBN is powered by Mai, to know what Mai is read the next paragraph.

Click here for the SBN page

If you already know everything about SBN and are just looking for the download page, then just

Mai – The Spelling Bee Search Engine

We defined it as the first Spelling Bee Search Engine.
Mai collects data from users worldwide and is able to provide tailored custom spelling lists on demand and also Spelling Bee related insights and analytics for every single word.
The system gathers statistical data from SBN (no personal data is collected), this kind of Spelling Bee data, will then be used to provide the right training lists to users, considering parameters as student country, language, age, grade and past results.
In this way, Mai powered systems (like SBN) will be able to provide unprecedented custom Spelling Bee insights to students.
We keep on adding feature constantly and soon we will provide an API to allow anybody to embed Mai provided data spelling lists in their websites, apps, and systems.

Click here for Mai: The Search Engine page


Support us and free education

This website is “funded”, to use a euphemism, by the non-intrusive ads you will find on the pages and by the Pro licenses of our software that comes at a small charge.
We know is our responsibility to make this website the #1 Spelling Bee Resource and stay assured we’re gonna do everything to succeed.
But just in case, you decide it is the case to help us cause you think this resource is valuable to you, your school, your community or so…
If you decide it is good to give us a hand, then you can help us by in many ways, pick one or more from the options below:

Sharing this website and its resources, using the social sharing buttons at the end of the page.
Writing a guest post for us related to the spelling bee and or your school (you will be credited).
Linking this website from your website possibly using a standard link (no follow links won’t be helpful).
– Joining us as a member of the team.
Offering us a coffee through a pay pal donation.
Reviewing and advertising our products and website.

Who are we?

We are the Special One Studio a proudly independent bunch of coders and designers.
Our passion is to develop free apps and software systems and bring them to users worldwide.
We firmly believe in accessible education for everyone and in a free Internet.
Do not hesitate to contact us using our ticketing system, we love hearing from you.
We are opened to any kind of suggestion, feature request, partnership, education projects, no profit and so on, also if you want to participate in the Mai Project, we need help (you don’t need to be a coder).

Contact Us Here

Sometimes you will find song lyrics quotes at the end of our web pages, have fun trying to guess the song, of course without using asking to search engines.


…I’ve never asked who and I’ll never ask why…

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