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Spelling Bee Ninja-Installation and Activation for Windows

This article describes the installation procedure for The Spelling Bee Ninja Training Software under Windows operating Systems.

System requirements.

Welcome to the the spelling bee training software.

Spelling Bee Ninja is compatible  with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 7, WIndows Vista and more in general every windows version starting from  Windows XP service pack 3.

Spelling Bee Ninja uses Microsoft SAPI for speech synthesis. The library and related voices definitions are bundles with the standard windows installations, if for whatever reason this library is not present in your computer, please install it prior to install Spelling Bee Ninja.

 Internet connection required for the software activation. If you have an activation code,please be aware that the activation code will be joined with the computer where it will be used, so use it only on the target machine (ie the computer where you intend to use the program).

Download the install package

Spelling Bee Ninja comes packed in a standard Windows Install package. Download the install package at the link provided via email and run the installer.

At the end of the install procedure a desktop link and a program file group will be created, just execute the icon Named “Spelling Bee Ninja”.

Spelling Bee Ninja

First Execution

At the first execution the software will pop up the account creation dialog.

You can optionally choose to skip the account creation phase by closing this dialog, but without an account you won’t be able to publish your results and use all the on line features.

Enter the required details; Choose a, User name, a valid email address a password and your country.

If you have an activation code enter it, otherwise, you can leave the field empty.

Activate Spelling Bee ninja

In case you already own an account just press the “I Have an Account” button and enter your credentials.

Click the Register Button and if the registration process succeeds the program screen should appear:

Spelling Bee ninja Activation

At this point the next thing to do is setting up the Students and Spelling test options

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