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Practice for Spelling Bee with spelling bee Training Software

Spelling Bee Ninja is a spelling bee Training Software to practice spelling bee contests and improving spelling skills,in this article we will introduce how to Practice for Spelling Bee:

After installing and running the software, please make sure the Student profile and test options have been set accordingly to your needs.

After that, choose the “Start” button on the left tool bar s shown in the picture:

Practice for Spelling Bee

The “New Spelling Test” panel should appear, in case the software was showing a result of a previous test press the OK button to switch to the New Test Panel.

In this screen the software will show all the parameters that are going to be used in the upcoming test, like the Number of words to spell, test difficulty, the Spelling pronouncer, the student name and the student grade, to get more details about all these parameters please refer to the related page here.

Also information about the dictionary that will be used (name and Official logo).

If no Student name has been specified it won’t be possible to proceed to the test and the software will prompt you to switch to the Test Options panel.


To review and change the parameters click the “Settings” button on the lower right, otherwise if the setup is fine and everything else is ready, then proceed by pressing the “Take Test” button.

The Spelling test panel will show up:

Spelling Bee Test

The interface will present the Teacher character (or pronouncer) on top, the input interface on bottom and the information panel on the left of the layout.

The pronouncer introduce the Student to the test and announce that the time (thus the test) won’t startup until the “Next Word” button or the “Enter key” will be pressed.

Let’shave a closer look to interface components:

The blue balloon just on the right of the Teacher’s character will contain information useful for the Student, moreover it will report under the form of text all the vocal alerts and instruction pronounced by the Teacher.

Just under the Teacher panel there is a big input text field where the Student will have to enter (spell) the word pronounced by the Teacher.

Once the word has been entered the student can confirm the answer by pressing the blue enter button or just pressing enter on the PC keyboard.

There are 5 buttons in the input interface:

Next Word | Spelling bee Training SoftwareNext Word

Use this button to make the Teacher pronounce the next word in of the spelling test.

Repeat word | Spelling bee Training Software Repeat word

This button asks the teacher to repeat the last word; if the test settings allows a limited number of repeats, the teacher will ask you to press the button a second time to confirm you want to use a repetition.  If repetitions are set to unlimited no confirmation will be required and the word will be spelled again. If repetitions are not allowed at all the Teacher will inform you that the word cannot be repeated.

Ask Definition | Spelling bee Training SoftwareAsk definition

Press this button to see the definition of the word just pronounced by the teacher, this button will function only if the definitions are allowed for the current spelling session. The definition shown won’t report the word itself, eventually replacing it within the definition with a “—“, as in the example below:

Spelling Word Definition

Skip Word | Spelling bee Training Software Skip word

This button will ask the teacher to skip the current word, the  word will be considered as not answered in the test results.

End Test | Spelling bee Training Software End Test

Use this button to stop the test immediately, the result won’t be calculated at all.

The left side of the panel contains information about the ongoing test, moreover a timer indicated how much time has passed since the test started.

Please consider that even if the time is registered in the test result records, it won’t affect the final score, so don’t feel under pressure and avoid  giving the answer too quickly because this is a well known cause of errors during the spelling bees.

Press the Enter key or the Next word button to start the test.

Teacher will pronounce the first word to spell, saying something like:

The next word is

followed by the word the Student will have to spell.

Enter the word in the text box in the middle of the screen and when sure it is the final answer click on the “Enter” button or just press enter on your keyboard.

The Teacher will immediately give a feedback about the correctness of the answer.

In case an help would be necessary, the buttons “Definition” and “Repeat word” can be used (if the test allows to use them).

Please consider that using support functions will decrease a little bit the final score, please refer to this page  how-spelling-score-is-calculated/

Proceed this way until the end of test.

During the test, the panel on the left of the screen will present the following information updated in real time:

Score: this value has nothing to do with  the final test  score (that will be calculated at the end, it just indicates the correct answers ratio so far, for instance if 4 right words have been spelled on a total of 6 pronounced by the teacher the score label will report 4/6.

Words to go: the words remaining to finish the test.

Repeat Calls: the number of times the student asked to repeat a word.

Last Word: the last word pronounced by the teacher .

Difficulty: test difficulty, the Official icon will be highlighted in case of official spelling test.

Time: the elapsed test time, this time will be recorder in the final score but won’t be considered as a parameter to calculate total score value.

At the end of the test a Report Card will be presented to the Student, please refer to this page for details.

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