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Managing Spelling Words List.

Managing Spelling Words List with Spelling Bee Ninja

One of the most powerful features of the software is its ability to handle multiple custom dictionaries, both Official and User defined.

With the features offered by this module you will be able to create  spelling bee word lists tailored on your needs.

A spelling dictionary is a dictionary of words that the software will use  during spelling tests, when you start a new spelling test, the words are picked from the dictionary set in the Test Options, click here for details.

Spelling Bee Ninja provides you a very versatile handling of Spelling Dictionaries.

Click the Settings buttons from the tool bar and then choose Dictionaries to reach the Dictionaries section.


spelling bee words list


The Installed Dictionaries List contains a list of the dictionaries actually installed in the system. On the right you will find a “Details” panel containing the attributes of the dictionary selected in the list.

In particular the details shown are: the name of the spelling dictionary, the description and the Official status (the Official next to Yes value means that the dictionary is on Official one).

A button set just under Under the Dictionaries list gives you access to the possible operations (on the selected dictionary).

  1. View to view the contents of the selected spelling dictionary.
  2. Edit to edit the selected dictionary.
  3. New to create a new custom dictionary.
  4. Delete to delete the selected dictionary.
  5. Install  to install a dictionary file into the system (e.g. download from a website).

The View Option will pop up a window showing the words contained in the dictionary.

To view a dictionary just select it from the list and press the View Button.

Please note: usually Official Dictionaries are not viewable or editable because they contains spelling bee word list used for official tests.


Spelling Bee Dictionary


This image shows small dictionary with just 8 words coming from a Study List.

To find a word click on the words list and start typing it, the window will automatically scroll to the corresponding words  (if any).

Use the ++StudyList button to add the selected word to the study list.

Use the details button to see the word definition and the possibility to hear the pronounce.

The New and the Edit  button will  pop up the Dictionary Creation  Dialog.

Create Spelling List

From here is you can specify a Name and a brief description for the dictionary.

In case the in case of editing (ie existing dictionary) the name will be locked, existing dictionaries can’t be renamed.

Add words to dictionary

To add new spelling words to the dictionary just type the words in the Add Word text field and then click the Add button.

If the word will be accepted as valid it will immediately added to the words list.

A custom dictionary can contain a maximum of 200 words.

To save the dictionary and get back t o the dictionaries panel press the button Save.

Remove words from dictionary

Select the words to remove by clicking on them.  Hold down the Ctrl key if selecting multiple rows  or  Shift key while selecting rows intervals.

Once the words to remove have been selected just click the button “Delete Selected

Importing words from external texts

Spelling Ninja offers the powerful function to import all the words contained in a text into a dictionary.

The source text can be a spelling bee word list or everything that can be copied and pasted as text. Examples are: like a web page selection, the contents of a spreadsheet or a text file, whatever.

To import words into a spelling dictionary from the editing dialog, click the Import Words button, the import dialog will appear.

Import Spelling Words

Type the words to import in the blue box.

You can use the copy-paste function. For instance:

To import a spelling bee word list from a web page, just highlight the content on the page, copy it with Ctrl-C (or copy from menu) and then paste it  in the blue box (click on it before proceeding) with click Ctrl-V (or press the “Paste from Clipboard” button).

The words can separate with  any special character, in particular accepted separators are:

  • Newline character
  • Space
  • Tab
  • Any character among  ! @ # \ $ % ^ & * ( ) – _ + = { [ } ] \ : ; ” ‘ < , > . ?

You can create a very effective spelling word list by using the “Paste Study List”  button.

It will directly paste all the words contained in the “Study List” in the import box.

As you are ready,  click import.

The software will compute the input and include the words in your dictionary.

In our example the result will be:

Create Spelling Words Dictionary

If a word doesn’t respect the import criteria it won’t be imported.

The import routine accepts only words composed by plain letters of the English alphabet with no apostrophes.

When done click “Save” to save the edited dictionary.

Official and Unofficial Dictionaries

Dictionaries handled by SBN can be Official or Unofficial. Every custom dictionary (user generated) will be considered unofficial.

Dictionaries bundled with the software or downloaded from an official website could be official if designed for official competitions and rankings or unofficial if designed for training purposes only.

An Official Dictionary is not editable or viewable from the dictionary handling panel.

The reason is that the words inside it are used for official test that could lead to achieve Certificates.

The Official dictionaries contains words carefully selected and the related difficulty information.

In this way, when using an official dictionary, the software will be able to pick the right words for your level.

Unofficial dictionaries can be modified and viewed because tests taken using them won’t lead to any certificate or ranking. They mainly contains the spelling bee words list and their essential purpose is giving to the students a tool to train for spelling bee. Nevertheless they are a very precious to practice spelling bee.


The “1 Spelling Ninja” Dictionary

This is the Official dictionary shipped with SBN  Spelling Software.

The dictionary words contained in here are designed for an optimal spelling bee training and spelling contest preparation, for students ranging from grade 1 to adult.

It is possible to practice spelling using this dictionary by selecting it in the Test Options .

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