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This article describes the structure and features of the Spelling test results screen.

At the end of the Spelling test, the software will automatically switch to a Result Screen presenting a detailed report of the test.

A typical spelling bee test result looks like the screens below:

Spelling Test Results


Spelling Bee Words List

The Spelling Result is divided in two sections.  The result data panel and the words details.

The results data panel contains informations about the Student performance like; Test absolute score, whether the test is official or not, information about difficulty, the total time and the percentage of the words spelled correctly.

The test score has to be considered as the whole performance indicator. It is calculated using the algorithm described here: how-spelling-score-is-calculated

The correct percentage ratio, however is the most important parameter for learning purposes, the closest this number is to 100 the better is, each Student should aim to a minimum correct percentage of 70%.

If the score achieved is among the top 100 (of the corresponding grade) in the local rankings, it will be recorded.

If the student is logged in with a Spelling Bee Ninja Account and if the test taken was official, the score will be published among the Spelling World Rankings. In this case, an immediate feedback of the position in the world ranking will be provided by the World Rank # field.

The Words Details Panel is just below the result details and contains the spelling words compared with the answers given by the Student.

Misspelled words will be highlighted in red, the right ones will be reported in green. For each word a Spell button is provided to re-listen the pronunciation of the word. Details button will pop up a window with the complete word definition. The button ++Study List will add the corresponding word to the Study List.

At this point it is extremely important to add to the Study List every single word the student is not sure about.

At the bottom of the result panel there are two buttons. OK and Rankings. Ok will go back to he start new Test Panel. Rankings will switch to the Rankings Panel where it will be possible to check the position of this result within local and world rankings.

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