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High School Spelling Words

high school spelling words


Greetings High School Students!
This spelling list is dedicated to you as well as for adults and the other grades (in case they want to learn some advanced level words).
First of all congratulation on your graduation. We hope you had a great time and a lot of fun and relaxation during the summer break.
Second, welcome to high school! As you can tell, things are about to get serious.
The list below contains some of the hardest words around. From spelling bee competitions to your in class pop quizzes, these words will take you a long way into the world of spelling and vocabulary. Stick with us here at Spelling Bee Ninja and go all the way with spelling.

Spelling Words List for High School students

Altruistic Genial Patronizing
Antipathy Gentleman Perjury
Audacious Geta Perturbed
Aversion Glutton Petulant
Camouflage Gratifying Phenomena
Cathartic Homogeneous Philanthropist
Charisma Hyperbole Plausible
Chronic Hypothetical Presumably
Competitive Indefeasible Prodigious
Compliance Indiscriminate Prosecute
Conscientious Ingenious Protagonist
Cuisine Inherent Recovery
Demarche Intrinsic Regime
Depict Introspective Renegade
Deprecate Inundate Requeim
Digression Irresolute Rigorous
Electoral Jeweler Sabotage
Elusive Listlessness Scrutinize
Equanimity Magnate Severity
Evanescent Meditative Shrewd
Explanation Militant Sociable
Figurative Minuscule Succinct
Foreigner Momentous Tantamount
Foresight Monetary Threatening
Formula Motivate Transept
Foundation Nauseating Troubadour
Fulfilled Obdurate Undermine
Gaiety Obsessive Violate
Generate Onomatopoeia Voluntary
Generous Palpable

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About books and high school

In high school you will gradually be introduced to more complex readings, written for a more mature audience compared to the ones you used to read when in junior high.
You are about to discover a new class of novels and books that will help you turning from a kid to a young man.
These new readings will help you a lot in improving your critical thinking skills.
It will take some time and many books: at the beginning you will have a natural tendency to follow and conform to the point of view proposed by authors, but the more you will read, the more you will mature, the more you will start thinking with your own head, comparing your points of view and opinions with the ones proposed by the book.
Some books will present to you things you thought you already knew under a new light, you will discover that point of view is a very important factor when evaluating things and people.
Also, don’t be afraid to express your own opinions even if thy differ from the author’s ones, it is just a sign you are developing your critical thinking and identity.
Sometimes you will struggle with difficult words, especially when reading books from the past centuries of from specific subjects like science or philosophy.
As always be sure to write down and memorize all the new words to enrich your vocabulary.
Maybe you already know all the rules for perfect spelling but just to refresh your memory have a look to our spelling bee tutorial here .

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Best of luck !!!