WOSL Spelling Tournaments.

Join our league of online spelling tournament  WOSL (World Online Spelling League).
WOSL is free to join and opened to everyone.
Check the tournament page https://mai.spellingbee.ninja/tournaments

How to join a tournament

1) First login at http://mai.spellingbee.ninja/login
(if you don’t have an account yet you can create one in seconds at https://mai.spellingbee.ninja/signup )
2) If you don’t have any students in your account, then you must create one, otherwise proceed with next step. Go to https://mai.spellingbee.ninja/students and add the student you want to join the tournament specifying name, grade and school.
3) Point your browser to the tournaments page at
https://mai.spellingbee.ninja/tournaments and click on the row corresponding to the tournament you want to join among the ones with status:  Registration Open.
4) Click the “Join” button in the tournament page, if the admission is not automatic, wait for an email confirming your admission to the tournament.
5) Once admitted, use the Train button to prepare for the tournament
6) Check the tournament page to know the start and end date of the event and how many official tries are allowed for the tournament.

How does it work?

The purpose is to score as high as possible, possibly winning the tournament and the prizes reserved for the top 3 scorers.
Each tournament has a rankings page where each student can check the actual top scorers.
It is possible to take tests directly from the tournament page, using the “Take Test” button.
Each participant can take spelling tests valid for the tournament. as many as he/she wants while the tournament is opened.
Also, by clicking the button “Training” from the tournament page, you can take training spelling tests to prepare for the tournament before the start date and during the tournament as well.
Training tests won’t be considered for the tournament final rankings but are stored and managed as valid SBN tests, valid for the world rankings and student statistics.

At the end of each test a score will be assigned.
Train as more as possible to increase you chances to win, our aim is to turn every participant into a spelling bee master, don’t forget to invite your schoolmates to join too.


At the end of each tournament, on Saturday, the top 3 or 5 scorers will be awarded with the prizes described in the tournament page.
All participating student will gain reputation among WOSL students as the participation counter will increase by 1 and the top 3 will earn a badge that will be shown in their public page.

Good Luck !!!