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The best online spelling bee training platform.

How to spell: computer aided training, Spelling Bee Articles
Spelling Bee Ninja (SBN) is an online spelling bee training platform catering to people of all ages. It is one of the finest EdTech platforms out there and possibly the best platform dedicated to spelling bee enthusiasts. Here is why SBN is the best option for you to start your spelling bee training. Easy to use The Spelling Bee Ninja App is an easy to use kid-friendly web-tool built and deployed by Spelling Bee Ninja. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and master, and is pretty straightforward when it comes to delivering the functionalities. The platform has been built in the simplest way possible. The application is designed to be easily used by kids, parents as well as teachers. The user interface of the SBN App is clean and minimalistic. It has

Spelling words search and words list building

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Spelling Bee Ninja provides a Spelling words search engine; a precious tool to build spelling lists and get spelling info for every English word. The aim of the search engine is to provide users with spelling bee related information and insights on every single English word. The engine updates information for each words as students take spelling tests with Spelling Bee Ninja. Everybody can use this tool to find how difficult a word it is and how frequently it is misspelled by students. For each word is provided a link to hear the correct pronunciation and check the word definition, along with the available definitions for the word. Collect the words into “My Words” basket to create custom spelling lists ready to be printed, shared or to be used for your personal spelling tes

Spelling Bee words – All you need to know.

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Our app heavily relies on Spelling Bee Words list.   Words list are word sets than can be named, saved and used for studying and taking spelling tests. Lists can be printed, embedded on web pages and shared with classmates. They can be public, private or visible only to students belonging to a user’s account. The following paragraphs explain how to handle lists with SBN. If you are looking for our selection of lists divided by grade check our SPELLING LIST SECTION My Words section This is a temporary list used as a basket to store words that will then be saved as Lists. You will meet a lot of terms while navigating the SBN web app; for instance in report cards or while using the search engine or while browsing the “Words and Lists” section of the website.

Spell Check with the Smart Spelling Trainer

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Spelling Bee Ninja (SBN)  is a system that constantly learns about the difficulty level of every English word allowing a very precise spell check. Moreover, it keeps track of the student progress, being aware of the misspelled words along with the correct spelled ones. This characteristics allow SBN to provide students with tailored spelling tests. The features related to personalized training are generally referred as “Smart Training”. From a Spell check perspective, SBN offers two kind of Smart training features: Learning Spelling Tests Review Spelling Tests Spell check with Learning Spelling Tests This type of spelling test will propose to the student a spelling test containing a mix of the words he/she misspelled in the past, plus new words the student is still

Spelling Test to check your preparation level

How to spell: computer aided training
Spelling test is one of the main features offered by Spelling Bee Ninja for spelling bee training. Types of Spelling Test Spelling Bee Ninja features a text to speech enabled module that can provide students with four different kind of spelling tests using natural English pronunciation, in particular: Official Tests. Personal tests. Learning Smart tests. Review Smart Tests. Read this and the following paragraphs to understand the characteristics of each kind of test. You can reach the spelling test app by choosing “Spelling Test" from the main menu, or the Spelling test button in any spelling words list page or from the Student or Student statistics page, once the app is loaded, the Spelling Test option dialog will appear:   Spelling test options

Spelling Training: how do I start with Spelling Bee Ninja?

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Spelling Bee Ninja (SBN for short) is a computer software designed to help students from all over the world in preparing for Spelling Bee Competitions. It represents the first attempt to create a professional system for Spelling Bee training. A powerful system offering unique features and providing a very effective method to boost spelling skills very quickly. Spelling Bee Ninja is a software deployed to public as a web application, you can use it at the following address:  using a desktop  computer or a laptop or a tablet. This article will teach how to create a free account to start using SBN. The aim of SBN is to help students in training for Spelling Bee maximizing results and minimizing the time dedicated to study, so to get super