Augustus Pereira wins the WOSL Spelling Tournament Round: 05/2021

WOSL Spelling Tournament Round 05/2021 results.

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This tournament has been officially closed on: February, 05 2021
WOSL: This is an Official WOSL Tournament

Winner: Augustus Pereira
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Final Rankings

Top Scorers.

1Augustus Pereira1551.3 Score Card1 month SBN FULL Student License + Official WOSL Certificate
2Tamanna Tf291535.35 Score CardOfficial WOSL Certificate
3Anwitaa Prabhakaran1532.6 Score CardOfficial WOSL Certificate
4Tvarita Prabhakaran1388.6 Score Card 
5Kevin Watson1286.2 Score Card 
6Md.ashik Iqbal Faruk Ashik Iqbal1176.9 Score Card 
7Kevin Dutton943.9 Score Card 
8Lili Cabrera838.3 Score Card 

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